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Employers do a great job educating employees on company sponsored benefit plans. But let's face it, HR is not set up to advise employees on Medicare, handle Medicare related questions, or conduct Medicare enrollments. 

Employees are actively working as they begin to transition into Medicare. Nowadays many work beyond their eligibility age of 65. As a result, Medicare related inquiries are being directed to company benefits personnel.

Loyalty Insured LLC can help. Our Advisors are state insurance licensed and certified by each carrier we represent. Your employees can be accurately advised on the action and timeliness of Medicare processes as well as any associated penalties for delaying enrollment.

If needed, our Advisors can communicate the various options available to Medicare eligible employees such as;

  • Medicare Supplements

  • Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Prescription drug plans.

Your employees will receive help enrolling in the plan of their choice.

Advisors are available during the Annual Enrollment period and throughout the year for eligible plan changes.

Contact us to find out how a relationship with Loyalty Insured LLC can benefit you and your employees.


  • No fees to the employee or employer for our services

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